Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2007, 72, 1177-1188

Electrocatalytic Response and Determination of Noradrenaline in the Presence of L-Ascorbic and Uric Acids with Poly(Eriochrome Black T)-Modified Electrode

Xinhua Lin*, Wei Li, Hong Yao, Yuanyuan Sun, Liying Huang and Yanjie Zheng

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Faculty of Pharmacy, Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou 350004, P.R. China


A poly(Eriochrome Black T) chemically modified glassy carbon electrode modified with Eriochrome Black T was prepared by cyclic voltammetry. The modified electrode showed an excellent electrocatalytic activity in oxidation of noradrenaline (NA) and could separate its electrochemical responses from those of L-ascorbic acid (AA) and uric acid (UA). Differences of the oxidation peak potentials for NA-AA and UA-NA were about 150 mV. The responses to NA, AA and UA of the modified electrode are relatively independent. Using differential pulse voltammetry, the peak currents of NA at modified glassy carbon electrode increased linearly with the concentration of NA from 0.5 to 100 μmol l-1. The detection limit was 0.2 μmol l-1. With the modified electrode, UA could be selectively determined in the presence of AA. The method showing a wide linear dynamic range and excellent sensitivity was successfully applied to the determination of NA in pharmaceutical injections and various samples.

Keywords: Eriochrome Black T; Modified electrodes; Electrocatalysis; Noradrenaline; L-Ascorbic acid; Uric acid; Cyclic voltammetry; Electrochemistry.

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