Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2005, 70, 2038-2052

Low-Polarity Phytoecdysteroids from the Juice of Serratula coronata L. (Asteraceae)

Victor N. Odinokova,*, Saowanee Kumpunb, Ilgiz V. Galyautdinova, Nathalie Evrard-Todeschic, Natalya A. Veskinaa, Leonard M. Khalilova, Jean-Pierre Giraultc, Laurence Dinand, Annick Mariae and René Lafonte

a Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis, Russian Academy of Sciences, 141 prosp. Oktyabrya, 450074 Ufa, Russian Federation
b Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
c Université René Descartes, Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie Pharmacologiques et Toxicologiques, CNRS UMR 8601, 45 rue des Saints-Peres, 75270 Paris Cedex 06, France
d Department of Biological Sciences, Hatherly Laboratories, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, UK EX4 4PS, U.K.
e Laboratoire Protéines: Biochimie Structurale et Fonctionnelle, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS FRE 2852, 7 Quai St. Bernard, 75252 Paris 05, France


Eleven phytoecdysteroids have been isolated and identified from the low polarity fractions of Serratula coronata juice by a combination of column chromatography and HLPC. Four of them are new, i.e. ecdysone 22-acetate 7, (25S)-inokosterone 26-acetate 9, 20,22-O-(R-ethylidene)-20-hydroxyecdysone 10 and 20,22-O-(R-ethylidene)-ajugasterone C 11. The biological activity of these new ecdysteroids in the Drosophila melanogaster BII cell bioassay is reported.

Keywords: Serratula coronata L. (Asteraceae); Ecdysteroids; Ecdysone 22-acetate; Steroids; Phytochemistry; Natural compounds isolation; NMR spectroscopy.

References: 52 live references.