Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2002, 67, 103-114

Syntheses of Dexamethasone Conjugates of the Phytohormones Gibberellin A3 and 24-Epicastasterone

Adelheid Kolbe, Robert Kramell, Andrea Porzel, Jürgen Schmidt, Gernot Schneider and Günter Adam*

Institut für Pflanzenbiochemie, Weinberg 3, D-06120 Halle/S., Germany

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  • Brunhilde Voigt*, Andrea Porzel, Günter Adam, Dieter Golsch, Waldemar Adam, Christoph Wagner and Kurt Merzweiler
    Synthesis of 2,24-Diepicastasterone and 3,24-Diepicastasterone as Potential Brassinosteroid Metabolites of the Cockroach Periplaneta americana
    2002, Vol. 67, Issue 1, pp. 91–102 [Abstract]