Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1997, 62, 1289-1298

Metallaborane Reaction Chemistry. Part 4. Polyhedral Thiametallaborane Synthesis via Direct Incorporation of Sulfur Into Metallaboranes

Young-hee Kim, Robert Greatrex and John D. Kennedy

School Of Chemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, England


A preliminary investigation of the direct reaction of elemental sulfur with the representative metallaboranes [6-(η5-C5Me5)-nido-6-RhB9H13] and [6-(η6-MeC6Me4i-Pr)-nido-6-RuB9H13] in the presence of base gives products that result from (i) the addition of one sulfur vertex and (ii) the addition of two sulfur vertices into the metallaborane cluster, as well as (iii) boron-vertex elimination accompanied by sulfur-vertex addition. Products characterised include [7-(η5-C5Me5)-nido-7,11,12-RhS2B9H9], [7-(η6-MeC6H4i-Pr)-nido-7,11,12-RuS2B9H9], [8-(η6-MeC6H4i-Pr)-nido-8,7-RuSB9H11], and a species tentatively identified as [9-(η6-MeC6H4i-Pr)-nido-9,7,8-RuS2B8H8].

Keywords: Metallaborane; Thiametallaborane; Cluster; NMR; Metallaboranes, reactions of; Elemental sulfur.