Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1997, 62, 1799-1803

A Fructofuranan from the Roots of Rudbeckia fulgida, var. sullivantii (BOYNTON et BEADLE)

Alžbeta Kardošová and Mária Matulová

Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 842 38 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


From the roots of Rudbeckia fulgida, var. sullivantii (BOYNTON et BEADLE), a homogeneous polysaccharide has been isolated by water extraction and subsequent ion-exchange chromatography and gel filtration of the crude mixture of polysaccharides. Its molar composition determined by NMR and HPLC analyses was found to be D-fructose and D-glucose in the ratio 26 : 1. The results of methylation analysis and 1H and 13C NMR spectral measurements showed that the polysaccharide is a (2 → 1)-β-D-fructofuranan of the inulin type.

Keywords: Natural products isolation; Plant polysaccharide; Fructofuranan; Rudbeckia fulgida.