Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1996, 61, 1233-1243

Syntheses and Spectral Properties of Unsymmetrically 3,5-Disubstituted 2,6-Dimethyl-1,4-dihydropyridines

Dušan Ilavský and Viktor Milata

Department of Organic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, 812 37 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Unsymmetrically 3,5-disubstituted 4-(5-X-2-furyl)-2,6-dimethyl-1,4-dihydropyridines (where X = H, Br, NO2) have been synthesized and characterized by spectral methods (IR, UV, 1H NMR and MS). The modified Hantzsch method made it possible to prepare the title compounds as well as their N-alkylated derivatives. The paper also describes the N-alkylation of sodium salts of substituted 1,4-dihydropyridines using the phase-transfer catalysis.

Keywords: 1,4-Dihydropyridines, alkylation; Hantzsch synthesis.