Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1996, 61, 70-76

Permanganate Chemical Oscillators with Cyclic Diketones

Anna Olexová, Milan Melicherčík and Ľudovít Treindl

Department of Physical Chemistry, Comenius University, 842 15 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Permanganate chemical oscillators with 1,3-cyclopentanedione, 1,3-cyclohexanedione and dimedone (5,5-dimethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione) in a CSTR (continuous-flow, stirred tank reactor) are described. The oscillatory systems under study are remarkable in that the oscillations are well developed, but no kinetic bistability has been found. Presumably, bistability may not be a pre-requisite for oscillations to occur.

Keywords: Chemical oscillations; Permanganate oscillators; Oscillatory oxidation of cyclic diketones by permanganate.