Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1991, 56, 2978-2985

Correlation of structural parameters with antituberculotic activity in a group of 2-benzamidobenzothiazoles

Karel Waissera, Jiří Kuneša and Želmíra Odlerováb

a Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Faculty, Charles University, 501 65 Hradec Králové
b Research Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine, 833 01 Bratislava


Fourteen 2-benzamidobenzothiazole derivatives substituted in the benzoyl group and 2-cinnamamidobenzothiazole have been synthesized. The prediction of active structures by the method by Topliss gives incorrect results but, as shown on the basis of the Hansch QSAR analysis, the 2-(4-dimethylaminobenzamido)benzothiazole synthesized on the basis of the QSAR procedure by Topliss behaves anomalously also in the procedure by Hansch. Regression equations of the Hansch type have been found in which the antituberculotic activity is interpreted by lipophilicity and electronic effects of substituents. When tested in vitro, the most active compounds are comparable with ethionamide.