Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1990, 55, 2602-2605

Chemical equilibria including particles I-, I3-, I5-, and I2 in two-phase water-nitrobenzene extraction system

Emanuel Makrlík

Motorlet, 158 01 Prague 5-Jinonice


General relations among thermodynamic parameters characterizing chemical equilibria with species I-, I3-, I5-, and I2 in the two-phase water-nitrobenzene extraction system have been derived. Furthermore, these relations have been used for calculating equilibrium constants K1aq(I3-) and K2aq(I5-) corresponding to homogeneous reactions I-(aq) + I2(aq) ⇄ I3-(aq) and I3-(aq) + I2(aq) ⇄ I5-(aq) proceeding in the aqueous phase of the system under study. Finally, stability of polyiodides I3- and I5- in both phases has been discussed.