Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1989, 54, 2345-2356

Energetic efficiency of two impellers on the same shaft in a cylindrical baffled vessel of high height/diameter ratio

Ivan Fořta, Jiří Hájekb and Václav Machoňc

a Department of Chemical and Food Process Equipment Design, Czech Technical University, 166 07 Prague 6
b Chemopetrol, Spolana, 277 11 Neratovice
c Department of Chemical Engineering, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 166 28 Prague 6


The paper deals with the experimental study of the indicating particle circulation and the impeller power input in a liquid mechanically agitated with two high-speed impellers (combination of the standard turbine impeller and the six inclined (at 45°) plane blades impeller) on the same shaft in a slender vessel (its height is equal double of the vessel diameter) equipped with four radial baffles at its walls under the turbulent regime of agitated charge flow. By the visual method of the indicating particle it is examined its circulation in the lower part of the system pumping effect of the lower impeller), its circulation in the upper part of the system (pumping effect of the upper impeller), and the exchangeable circulation between the upper and lower part of the system and vice versa. The impeller power input is ascertained from the measured current electricity in the anchor of the direct current driving motor. It follows from the calculated energetic efficiency (the ratio of the cube of the sum of the impeller flow rate numbers and the sum of the impeller power numbers) of the investigated combinations of impellers that the highest value of this quantity is exhibited for two standard turbine impellers on the same shaft and for a combination of the lower standard turbine impeller and the upper impeller with inclined plane blades pumping upwards; slightly less value of the impeller energetic efficiency appears for the combination of two impellers with six inclined plane blades, the upper one pumps liquid upwards and the lower one downwards. For all the configurations the vertical distance of impellers on the same shaft has to be longer than the vessel diameter.