Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1989, 54, 3003-3010

Effect of internal diffusion on kinetics of liquid phase hydrogenation and disproportionation of the cyclohexene on palladium catalysts

Jiří Hanika and Vladimíra Ehlová

Department of Organic Technology, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 166 28 Prague 6


Kinetics of the side reactions represented by the system involving hydrogenation and disproportionation of cyclohexene on a commercial catalyst CHEROX 41-00 (3%Pd/C) and on a supported palladium catalyst prepared by impregnation of aluminia with aqueous palladium dichloride (2.15% Pd/γ-Al2O3) have been investigated. As follows from the effectiveness factors of internal diffusion for individual reactions, in the region of internal diffusion, cyclohexene hydrogenation is preferred compared to disproportionation. This finding can be related to the fact that while the rate of disproportionation is controlled by cyclohexene diffusion, the rate of hydrogenation is controlled by diffusion of hydrogen.