Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1985, 50, 683-689

Chiroptical properties of monosaccharide acetyl derivatives

Slavomír Bystrický, Tibor Sticzay, Štefan Kučár, Eva Petráková and Rudolf Toman

Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 842 38 Bratislava


Circular dichroism of positional isomers of acetylated methyl β-D-xylopyranosides, 1,6-anhydro-β-D-glucopyranoses and methyl α-L-rhamnopyranosides is discussed considering the mechanism of optical rotatory strength nature. Interactions determining the signs are influenced by the character of the solvent. Magnitude of the effect depends on the spatial arrangement of the chromophore environment. This effect is lowered with diacetyl derivatives, where the interaction of transitional dipole moments of acetyl groups is the main source of optical rotational strength.