Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1982, 47, 1523-1529

Biochemically important reactions of 2-furylethylenes. Reactions with low-molecular thiols

Ernest Šturdíka, Tibor Liptajb, Štefan Baláža and Ľudovít Drobnicaa

a Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry
b Department of Physical Chemistry, Slovak Institute of Technology, 812 37 Bratislava


As evidenced by spectrophotometry and radiochromatography, derivatives of 2-furylethylene are able to react with thiols in an aqueous medium. The NMR analysis of reaction mixture showed that the site attacked by the thiol is the more electrophilic C(1) atom of the exocyclic double bond of the 2-furylethylenes under study. The ability to react with SH groups is of extraordinary importance particularly in connection with the study of mechanism of biological activity of 2-furylethylenes.