Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1982, 47, 2858-2866

Dearomatization of a jet fuel fraction on a platinum catalyst

Viliam Múčkaa, Alica Ostrihoňováb, Ivan Kopernickýb and Oldřich Mikulab

a Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, 115 19 Prague 1
b Slovnaft, 823 00 Bratislava


Some physical and physico-chemical properties of a platinum support catalyst were determined and its application to the dearomatization of a jet fuel fraction was studied. The dearomatization proceeds more readily at lower temperatures, at which, however, the catalyst is more sensitive to poisons. A factorial experiment was designed to determine the optimum conditions for the dearomatization. A virtually complete dearomatization using the spatial flow rate 2 h-1 was achieved at temperatures 245-295 °C and partial pressures of hydrogen 1.5-4 MPa.