Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1980, 45, 950-955

Conversion of monosaccharides into their corresponding 2-glycosuloses by intact cells of the basidiomycete Oudemansiella mucida

Jindřich Volc, Petr Sedmera and Vladimír Musílek

Institute of Microbiology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 142 20 Prague 4


The production of D-arabino, D-lyxo, and D-ribo-2-hexosuloses and D-threo-2-pentosuloses from their respective aldoses was demonstrated with washed mycelium suspensions of the basidiomycete Oudemansiella mucida. L-Sorbose was shown to be converted into D-threo-2,5-hexodiulose. The dicarbonyl sugar produced were isolated as their hydrazones, whose structures were inferred from spectroscopic evidence and the method of preparation.