Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1980, 45, 298-306

Immobilization of some hydrolases on polymethacrylate by the method of reactive esters

Jiří Kučera and Milena Kmínková

Research Institute of Food Industry, 150 38 Prague 5


The immobilization of chymotrypsin (EC, papain (EC, α-amylase (EC, amyloglucosidase (EC, and of a technical pectolytic enzyme on various reactive polymethacrylate esters (Ostion KM) was examined and compared with the immobilization of the same enzymes on carboxymethyl-cellulose. There is no difference in the individual reactive esters (2,4-dinitrophenyl, N-hydroxysuccinimidyl, ethyl-1-hydroxyacetyl) when enzymes reacting fast (papain, chymotrypsin) are immobilized. The ethyl-1-hydroxyacetyl ester of the support is most suitable for slowly reacting enzymes. The reaction does not proceed at pH-values lower than 7.5. The specific activity of immobilized amylolytic and pectolytic enzymes decreases with the increasing pH because of inactivation of the enzyme.