Collection Symposium Series 1999, 1, 47-66
Published online 2016-07-27 14:13:16

Enzymatic synthesis

Hans-Dieter Jakubke

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  • Dirk Ullmann, Torsten Kurth, Sibylla Grahn, Christian Elsner, Frank Bordusa and Hans-Dieter Jakubke
    Irreversible enzymatic peptide synthesis: From enzyme to substrate engineering
    Symposium Series 1999, Vol. 1, pp. 194–202 [Abstract]
    Published online 2016-07-27 14:14:48
  • Volker Schellenberger, Ute Schellenberger and Hans-Dieter Jakubke
    Specific water-soluble substrates for chymotrypsin: Attempts for compensating diminished P1-S1 interactions
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