Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2009, 74, 409-418
Published online 2009-02-28 15:58:06

A one-pot synthesis of some novel tetrakisazo disperse dyes bearing twenty-membered macrocyclic poly(azomethine)

Irma Lagvilava, Tea Matitaishvili, Ia Iardalashvili and Elizbar Elizbarashvili*

Division of Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemical Technology, Georgian Technical University, 77 Kostava Str., Tbilisi, 0175, Georgia


Multiple-chromophore-containing dyes have been synthesized by azo coupling of twenty-membered poly(azomethine) dye 1 and 3-nitro- (2a) or 2,4-dinitrobenzene-1-diazonium tetrafluoroborate (2b) in solvents of various polarity (water, chloroform) in the presence or absence of dibenzo-18-crown-6 as phase transfer catalyst. The dyeing ability of the dyes was investigated as well as spectral and kinetic study of azo coupling was performed. The obtained disperse dyes are suitable for dyeing Nylon and polyester fibers from light reddish-brown to dark brown colors with good uniformity of dyeing as well as light, washing and sublimation fastness.

Keywords: Macrocycles; Disperse dyes; Azomethine; Phase transfer catalysis; Azo coupling; Hydrazones; UV-VIS spectroscopy.

References: 22 live references.