Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2006, 71, 1265-1269

New Trisubstituted Imidazolium-Based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

Rajendra P. Singh* and Dayal T. Meshri

Advance Research Chemicals, Inc., 1110 W. Keystone Avenue, Catoosa, OK 74015, U.S.A.


Reaction of 1-decyl-2-methylimidazole (1) with linear bromoalkanes 2a, 2b in refluxing acetonitrile leads to the formation of quaternary bromide salts 3a, 3b in excellent isolated yields. Quaternary salts 3a, 3b were metathesized with KPF6 (4a), LiNTf2 (4b), LiBF4 (4c), or KOTf (4d) in water to form the ionic liquids 5a-5h in very good yields. These new ionic liquids are liquid at ambient temperature, immiscible with water, miscible with acetone and chloroform and thermally stable up to 350 °C.

Keywords: Ionic liquids; Imidazolium quaternary salts; Imidazoles; Alkylation; Green solvents; Quaternization; Thermal stability.

References: 15 live references.