Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2004, 69, 1681-1767

A Review on Recent Developments in Syntheses of the Post-Secodine Indole Alkaloids. Part I: The Primary Alkaloid Types

Josef Hájíček

Zentiva/Research Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, U kabelovny 130, CZ-10237 Prague 10, Czech Republic


This first part of a planned review on developments in the field of total and formal total synthesis of the post-secodine indole alkaloids concentrates on primary alkaloid types. It reviews the synthesis of secodine, aspidospermane, pseudoaspidospermane and ibogane alkaloids; andranginine is also included. It covers the literature from 1992-1993 up to approximately May 2004. A review with 179 references.

Keywords: Indole alkaloids; Secodines; Aspidospermanes; Pseudoaspidospermanes; Vindoline; Ibogane; Aspidophytine; Total synthesis; Synthetic methodologies; Natural products.

References: 42 live references.