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Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2002, 67, 1095-1108

A Novel Approach to the Syntheses of Functionalized, Water-Soluble Icosahedral Carboranyl Anions. Crystal Structure of Methyl N-[(Trimethylamineboryl)carbonyl]-L-tyrosinate: A Synthon for Novel Carboranylpeptides

Bernard F. Spielvogela, Geeta Ranaa, Kamesh Vyakaranama, Kurt Grelcka, Kari E. Dickea, Bridget D. Dolasha, Shou-Jian Lia, Chong Zhenga, John A. Maguireb, Masao Takagakic and Narayan S. Hosmanea,*

a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois 60115, U.S.A.
b Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas 75275-0314, U.S.A.
c Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Osaka, Japan

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