Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 2001, 66, 1729-1734

Analysis of Underivatized Brassinosteroids by HPLC/APCI-MS. Occurrence of 3-Epibrassinolide in Arabidopsis thaliana

Olga V. Konstantinovaa, Andrey P. Antonchicka, Neil J. Oldhamb, Vladimir N. Zhabinskiia, Vladimir A. Khripacha and Bernd Schneiderb,*

a Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Kuprevich Str. 5/2, 220141 Minsk, Belarus
b Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Ecology, Beutenberg-Campus, Winzerlaer Str. 10, 07745 Jena, Germany


In the course of investigations on brassinosteroid (BS) biosynthetic and metabolic pathways in plants, an approach using HPLC/APCI-MS analysis of underivatized BS for their identification in plant material has been developed. Its application to root-callus suspension cultures of Arabidopsis thaliana led to the first identification of 3-epibrassinolide as natural brassinosteroid.

Keywords: Arabidopsis thaliana; Steroids; Brassinosteroids; Isotopic labelling; HPLC/APCI-MS; Metabolism; Mass spectrometry.

References: 13 live references.