Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1998, 63, 1152-1160

Dynamics of Protonated Acetonitrile Formation in CD3CN + CH3CN Collisions: A Crossed-Beam Scattering Study

Ján Žabkaa, Zdeněk Dolejšeka, Inosuke Koyanob and Zdeněk Hermana

a J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 182 23 Prague 8, Czech Republic
b Department of Material Science, Himeji Institute of Technology, 1479-1 Kanaji, Kamigohri 678-13, Japan


Dynamics of the elementary protonation reaction in collisions of the acetonitrile cation with acetonitrile was investigated in crossed-beam scattering experiments in the hyperthermal collision energy range 1.17-2.5 eV. The reaction proceeds by three parallel collision mechanisms: direct proton (deuteron) transfer, direct H-atom transfer, and decomposition of an intermediate complex. The relative contributions of the three mechanisms to the formation of the product at T = 2.5 eV are about equal. Analysis of product angular distributions suggests that the geometry of the critical configuration of the decomposing intermediate is prolate, not far from linear.

Keywords: Ion-molecule reactions; Protonation; Reaction dynamics; Crossed-beam experiments.