Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1996, 61, 259-267

Radiation Induced Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Acetate and Isopropenyl Acetate Onto Isotactic Polypropylene

Bhupendra N. Misra, G. S. Chauhan and Inderjeet Kaur

Department of Chemistry, Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla-171005, India


Radiation-induced graft copolymerization of vinyl acetate (VAC) and isopropenyl acetate (PAC) onto isotactic polypropylene (IPP) has been studied. The percentage of grafting was calculated for various reaction parameters, and the optimum conditions for attaining the maximum percentage of grafting were determined. Maximal achieved extents of grafting are 39% and 29% for VAC and PAC, respectively. The reactivity of the two monomers with respect to grafting is discussed.

Keywords: Graft copolymerization; Vinyl and isopropenyl acetates; Polypropylene, isotactic.