Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1995, 60, 1435-1447

Effect of Triton X100 on Tetramethylammonium Ion Transport Kinetics Through the Water/Nitrobenzene Interface

Wojciech S. Wawrzynczak and Zbigniew Figaszewski

Institute of Chemistry, The Białystok Branch of the University of Warsaw, Al. J. Pilsudskiego 11/4, 15-443 Białystok, Poland


The tetramethylammonium cation (TMA+) transport through the water/nitrobenzene interface modified by the Triton X100 (TX100) adsorption has been investigated using cyclic voltammetry and interfacial tension measurements. Obtained results indicate the strong adsorption of TX100 and its responsible effect on the TMA+ ion transfer. Adsorption data have been fitted to six theoretical adsorption isotherm equations with the best fitting for the Frumkin isotherm. The mechanism of facilitating effect of TX100 on the TMA+ transfer has been proposed. The suggested mechanism is different from that developed by other authors.