Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1995, 60, 2023-2027

The First Examples of Metallatricarbollides. Isomeric Twelve-Vertex Cyclopentadienyl Ferratricarbadodecaboranes [(η5-C5H5)-closo-FeC3B8H11]

Bohumil Štíbra, Josef Holuba, Francesc Teixidorb and Clara Viñasb

a Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 250 68 Řež near Prague, Czech Republic
b Institute of Material Sciences, Campus UAB, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain


The first metallatricarbollides, six isomeric twelve-vertex metallatricarbaboranes of general structure [(η5-C5H5)-closo-FeC3B8H11], are formed in the reaction between TI[nido-7,8,9-C3B8H11] and [(η5-C5H5)- Fe(CO)2I] in toluene at reflux. Two of them have so far been satisfactorily identified as [3-(η5-C5H5)-closo-3,1,2,4-FeC3B8H11] and [2-(η5-C5H5)-closo-2,1,8,11-FeC3B8H11] by NMR spectroscopy.