Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1994, 59, 1879-1883

Alkaloids from Papaver pinnatifidum MORIS

Jiří Slavík and Leonora Slavíková

Biochemical Institute of Medical Faculty, Masaryk University, 662 43 Brno, Czech Republic


Oripavine (Ia) was isolated from Papaver pinnatifidum MORIS (tetraploid, 2n = 28) of the section Rhoeadium SPACH as the major alkaloid. In a low yield, protopine and (+)-isocorydine were obtained together with a novel levorotatory alkaloid PP 1 of the composition C17H19NO3 and m.p. 179 °C, probably of a normorphinane type. Small amounts of thebaine, allocryptopine, scoulerine, isoboldine, and papaverrubines A, C and D, berberine, and corytuberine were also detected by thin layer chromatography.