Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1994, 59, 1137-1144

Effect of OH- Concentration on Alkaline Hydrolysis of Diphenyl (4-Nitrophenyl) Phosphate Catalyzed by 2-Iodosobenzoic and 3-Iodoso-2-naphthoic Acids

Aleš Ptáček and Jiří Kulič

Department of Organic Technology, University of Chemical Technology, 532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic


The hydrolysis of diphenyl (4-nitrophenyl) phosphate catalyzed by 2-iodosobenzoic and 3-iodoso-2-naphthoic acids has been studied at different pH values in the presence of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide as a micellar agent. It was found that 3-iodoso-2-naphthoic acid is better catalyst than 2-iodosobenzoic acid. At amounts of the acids higher than stoichiometric, the reaction is independent of pH in the 8.00 to 10.00 region while on using substoichiometric amounts, the reaction rate depends on OH- ion concentration only when the acid to diphenyl (4-nitrophenyl) phosphate molar ratio amounts to 12.5 : 1 for 2-iodosobenzoic acid and 6.25 : 1 for 3-iodoso-2-naphthoic acid.