Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1994, 59, 489-494

Synthesis of New Spiropyrrolidines and Michael Addition Products Using Phase Transfer Catalyzed Addition of Schiff Bases to 9-Arylmethylenefluorenes

Kostadinka Popandova-Yambolieva

Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Sofia, 1126 Sofia, Bulgaria


As a continuation of our previous studies concerned with the reactivity of benzylidene- and furfurylidenefluorenes in addition reactions, in the present work we have prepared a series of new spiropyrrolidines by reactions of 9-arylmethylenefluorenes I with aryl- (II) and furylazomethines (IV) and some Michael addition products by using diphenylmethyleneazomethines VI and VIII. The structure B was assigned to the furylspiropyrrolidines Va - Vf based on 1H NMR data.