Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1993, 58, 1782-1790

Modification of Clinoptilolite by Synthetic Zeolite

Ľubomír Medvecký, Jaroslav Briančin and Ján Mihalik

Institute of Material Research SAS, 053 23 Košice, Slovak Republic


The sol-gel process allows to modify clinoptilolite by the nucleation of synthetic zeolite. From the viewpoint of methanol conversion, the obtained high Al content nucleation-deposited zeolite decreases the catalytic activity of clinoptilolite. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the selection of suitable synthetic zeolite as to its composition. Contamination of zeolite surfaces by carbonaceous fragments during catalytic process results from physico-chemical properties of the used and processed zeolite, and according to DTA and TG analysis it significantly affects the readsorption of water vapours and likely also the zeolite activity in methanol conversion.