Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1993, 58, 1279-1284

Electrochemical Behaviour of 3-Pyridyl-N,N-bis[(8-quinolyl)amino]methane

Angeles Loeches, Carmen Teijeiro and Dolores Marín

Departamento de Química Física, Universidad de Alcala de Henares, Alcala de Henares, 28871 Madrid, Spain


3-Pyridyl-N,N-bis[(8-quinolyl)amino]methane was studied by DC polarography, coulometry, cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse polarography in a system comprising Britton-Robinson buffer and 15 vol.% ethanol at pH 7.0. The nature of the waves was investigated, and the reduction mechanism is suggested. DPP was also used for a quantitative determination of the substance, and a limit of detection of 3 μmol l-1 was obtained.