Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1993, 58, 861-868

Structure of Adeninium Chloroacetate-Chloroacetic Acid Solvate C5H6N5+ ClCH2COO- . ClCH2COOH

Jaroslav Maixnera, Jana Zachováb and Karel Humlc

a Central Laboratories, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 166 28 Prague 6, Czech Republic
b Institute of Physics, Charles University, 121 16 Prague 2, Czech Republic
c Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 162 06 Prague 6, Czech Republic


The structure adeninium chloracetate-chloroacetic acid solvate was solved by direct methods and refined anisotropically to R = 0.085 for 1978 unique observed reflections (I 33 σ(I). The title compound is orthorhombic, a = 24.138(4), b = 15.525(2), c = 7.136(1) Å. Pccn, Z = 8. The adenine molecule, which is protonated at N(1), is almost planar with a dihedral angle of 0.3(2)° between the imidazole and the pyrimidine rings. The chloroacetate is partially distorted. A dimensional net of H-bonds between adenine, chloroacetic acid and chloroacetate is formed.