Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 1547-1552

Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Certain Quinoline Derivatives

Mohamed A. Abd-Allaa, Abdel-Hamid N. Ahmedb, Maher F. El-Zohrya and Farghaly A. Omarb

a Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, 71516 Assiut, Egypt
b Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University, 71516 Assiut, Egypt


Some aryl or heterocyclic mercaptans reacted with 8-quinolyl chloroacetate II or 8-quinolinoxyacetyl chloride IV to give the corresponding 8-quinolyl-α-mercaptoacetate V or 8-quinolyloxy thioacetate VI, respectively. The mercaptans V were oxidized to the corresponding sulfones VII. Some of these compounds were tested for their antimicrobial activities in comparison with tetracycline reference compound.