Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 938-945

The Templating Role of Cyclohexylamine in the Synthesis of Microporous Aluminophosphates

Heide-Lore Zubowa, Rolf Fricke, Hendrik Kosslick, F. Neissendorfer and E. Schreier

Central Institute of Physical Chemistry, D(0)-1199 Berlin-Adlershof, Germany


The investigation of the synthesis of AlPO4 molecular sieves from orthophosphoric acid and pseudoboehmite in the presence of cyclohexylamine shows that in this case the amine plays the role of template in the sense of "Template theory". The geometric shape of the template determines the dimensions of the channels within the AlPO4-lattices. The amount of template in the gel influences the void volumes, leading to different structures, however, with similar dimensions. The product composition is largely determined by the ratio amine/(Al,P)O2. The molecular sieves have been characterized by IR, X-ray, TG and DTA measurements.