Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 767-773

Studies of the Synthesis of Large VAPO-5 Crystals and Incorporation of Vanadium Ions

Jan Kornatowskia,b, Mikhail Sychevc, Werner H. Baura and Gerd Fingerd

a Institut für Kristallographie und Mineralogie, J. W. Goethe-Universitat, D(W)-6000 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
b On leave from Instytut Chemii, Uniwersytet M. Kopernika, PL-87-100 Toruń, Poland
c Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, SU-252680 Kiev, Ukraine
d Zentralinstitut für Physikalische Chemie, D(W)-1199 Berlin, Germany


The molecular sieve VAPO-5 has been synthesized hydrothermally in form of large crystals up to 660 μm in length. They have been used as a model substance for the study of vanadium incorporation into the framework. Our results show that vanadium was incorporated into the framework though in relatively small amounts. The results are in agreement with earlier findings for powder preparations of VAPO-5, except for the oxidation state of the vanadium ions and its stability. These conclusions agree with those arrived at previously for vanadium silicate KVS-5.