Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 750-755

Influence of Substituting Al by Mg-Co and Mn-Co on the Properties of AlPO4-5

Liao Changsheng

Department of Chemistry, Gannan Teacher's College, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, People's Republic of China


Two kinds of crystalline microporous metal aluminophosphate molecular sieves, magnesium cobalt aluminophosphate (MgCoAPO-5) and manganese cobalt aluminophosphate (MnCoAPO-5), were synthesized by hydrothermal crystallization method in order to improve the surface acidity and catalytic activity of AlPO4-5. The results of X-ray diffraction, infrared spectra and chemical compositions of MgCoAPO-5 and MnCoAPO-5 indicate that Mg-Co or Mn-Co enter the framework of AlPO4-5 molecular sieve without disrupting the microporous framework. However, the results of catalytic studies show that MgCoAPO-5 and MnCoAPO-5 possess much higher surface acidity and catalytic activity than the unmodified AlPO4-5.