Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 739-744

Comparison of HZSM-5 Zeolite and SAPO-5 Molecular Sieve in 1-Hexanol Conversion

Yuri A. Kalvacheva, Cvetana P. Bezouhanovaa and Hans Lechertb

a University of Sofia, Faculty of Chemistry, A. Ivanov 1, 1126 Sofia, Bulgaria
b University of Hamburg, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bundesstr. 45, D(W)-2000 Hamburg 13, Germany


The IR spectra of 1-hexanol adsorbed on SAPO-5 molecular sieves and on HZSM-5 zeolite were compared. It has been found, that both types of catalysts activate at 423 K the dehydration of 1-hexanol. In the IR spectra bands at 670 cm-1 (Z-isomer), 889 cm-1 (CH2=C< fragment), 911 cm-1 (CH2=CH-) and 965 cm-1 (E-isomer) have been observed, indicating that the skeletal and positional isomerization took place. A carbonyl compound (1730 cm-1) was formed at room temperature on all the investigated catalysts and disappeared upon heating. The activity of HZSM-5 in olefin isomerization and in dehydrogenation was greater than that of SAPO-5.