Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1992, 57, 56-63

The Ion Associates of Methyl-, Ethyl- and Isopropyl Derivatives of Dialkylaminoethyl Dialkylamidofluorophosphate with Bromophenol Blue

Emil Halámek and Zbyněk Kobliha

Department of Chemistry, Military College, 682 03 Vyškov


Nine new Tammelin esters were studied on the basis of the chloroform extracts of their ion associates with bromophenol blue. A study was made of the effect of the alkyl on the amino and amido groups of dialkylaminoethyl dialkylamidofluorophosphate and on the extraction efficiency of the ion pair. An increase in the number of carbon atoms on the amide group leads to the increase in the extraction efficiency of the ion pairs as a consequence of the increasing hydrophobicity. A further contribution to the increase in the extraction efficiency with increasing number of carbon atoms in the alkyls of the amino nitrogen is clearly retarded by the increasing basicity of the amino group. An extraction spectrophotometric determination of the test derivatives of dialkylaminoethyl dialkylamidofluorophosphate was developed and the interferences from precursors in the synthesis were examined.