Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1991, 56, 1919-1925

Heterocyclic quinones: Synthesis of some new heterocyclic quinones from 6-chloroquinoline-5,8-dione hydrochloride

Amal S. Yanni

Assiut University, Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department, Assiut, Egypt


Interaction of 6-chloroquinoline-5,8-dione hydrochloride with amides and/or thioamides in ethylene glycol afforded oxazolo[5,4-g]quinoline-4,9-dione (III) and thiazolo[5,4-g]quinoline-4,9-dione (V). Using semicarbazide and/or thiosemicarbazide in the above reaction, oxadiazino-, and thiadiazino[6,5-g]quinoline-5,10-diones (VI, VII), respectively, were obtained. Their bactericidal activities have been determined.