Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1991, 56, 296-305

Mass transport to a vibrating electrode

Arnošt Kimlaa, Jiří Míčkaa and Karel Olyšarb

a Department of Mathematics, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 166 28 Prague 6
b Research Institute of Engineering Technology and Economics, 160 61 Prague 6


The present work is concerned with the concentration field near an electrode located on a vibrating plate. A mathematical model is proposed to describe the hydrodynamic behaviour of a steaming electrolyte solution and of the resulting concentration distribution at the vibrating plate. The results of numerical calculations were used to derive an empirical formula for the concentration gradient as function of dimensionless parameters. The influence of the electrode width and of the width of the vibrating plate on the value of the diffusion flux was also determined.