Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1991, 56, 2042-2054

A new approach to the prediction of gas chromatographic retention indices from physico-chemical constants

Igor G. Zenkevich and Lyudmila M. Kuznetsova

Department of Organic Chemistry, Leningrad University, 199034 Leningrad, U.S.S.R.


A general approach is proposed to the calculation of gas chromatographic retention indices (RI) of organic compounds on standard polydimethylsiloxane stationary phases based on their principal physico-chemical constants such as the boiling temperature, molar refraction or molecular weight. A combination of logical criteria was established for comparing functions of the above parameters for the identification of substances whose RI values are only determined by their boiling temperatures. It is demonstrated that within homologous series, the dependence of the RI value on the boiling temperature or any additive molecular parameter (molecular weight, molar refraction, number of carbon atoms in the molecule, etc.) is nonlinear. If this dependence is taken into account, the RI value of any organic compound can be predicted with a precision comparable to the standard deviation of the statistically processed values determined in nonequivalent conditions.