Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1991, 56, 1-19

Potential-time response for several types of programmed current at most usual electrodes. Theoretical study of CE and EC mechanisms

Ángela Molina* and Manuela López-Tenés

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, University of Murcia, Espinardo 30100 Murcia, Spain


The theoretical study of the potential-time response corresponding to the CE and EC mechanisms at the DME by using non linear perturbation functions with the general form I(t) = I0tuewt and I(t) = I0(t1 + t)v is presented. Equations for the potential-time curves and for the transition times have been derived by taking into account the sphericity of the electrode. Methods for determining heterogeneous and homogeneous kinetic parameters are proposed. The expressions corresponding to an null blank period, to an expanding plane electrode and to spherical and plane stationary electrodes, can be deduced as particular cases of the equations obtained in this work.