Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1990, 55, 903-923

Theory of metal ions accumulation by the synergistic adsorption at mercury electrodes

Marina Mlakara, Milivoj Lovrića and Marko Branicab

a Center for Marine Research Zagreb, "Rudjer Bošković" Institute, POB 1016, Zagreb 41001, Yugoslavia
b Center for Marine Research Zagreb, "Rudjer Bošković" Institute, Zagreb 41001, Yugoslavia and Institute of Applied Physical Chemistry, Nuclear Research Center, POB 1913, D-5170 Jülich, F.R.G.


The synergistic adsorptive accumulation of metal ions at the surface of mercury electrodes is described. The basic thermodynamic relationships between the ionic species involved in the synergistic adsorption are developed and analysed. The method is compared with the simple anion-induced adsorption. The synergistic adsorption of uranyl ions in the system salicylic acid-tributylphosphate is reported.