Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1989, 54, 303-307

Determination of the density of solids by means of a solid pycnometric substance

Jiří Medek and Zuzana Weishauptová

Institute of Geology and Geotechnics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 182 09 Prague 8


A new method has been developed for determination of apparent density of porous powdered materials, which uses a suitable plastic solid substance as the pycnometric medium. In this method a mixture of the tested and pycnometric substances is compressed in a pressing device up to the pressure, at which the pycnometric substance undergoes plastic deformation and fills completely all intergranular voids between particles of the tested material. The rheologic properties of the pycnometric substance prevent its penetration into coarse pores, which makes the method especially suitable for determination of apparent density of coarsely porous materials. The method can be used also for determination of true density of non-porous powdered materials.