Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1988, 53, 2952-2956

Synthesis of hepatitis B surface antigen pre-S2 region fragments and studies on their immunogenicity

Bernard Lammeka, Zbigniew Maćkiewicza, Izabela Derdowskaa, Hanna Świderskab, Adam Nowosławskib and Gotfryd Kupryszewskia

a Institute of Chemistry, University of Gdańsk, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland
b National Institute of Hygiene, Department of Immunopathology, 00-971 Warszawa, Poland


Two peptide fragments of hepatitis B surface antigen pre-S2 region were synthesized by the solid phase method. The peptides were purified by gel filtration or ion-exchange chromatography on Sephadex SP-C-25. Both peptides induced a cellular and humoral immune response in rabbits. The results showed that fragment 14-22 of pre-S2 region contains one of the antigenic determinants.