Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1987, 52, 1888-1904

Model of vortex flow of charge in a vessel with turbine impeller

Miloslav Hošťáleka and Ivan Fořtb

a Chemopetrol – Research Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, 400 60 Ústí nad Labem
b Department of Chemical and Food Process Equipment Design, Czech Technical University, 166 07 Prague 6


A theoretical model is described of the mean two-dimensional flow of homogeneous charge in a flat-bottomed cylindrical tank with radial baffles and six-blade turbine disc impeller. The model starts from the concept of vorticity transport in the bulk of vortex liquid flow through the mechanism of eddy diffusion characterized by a constant value of turbulent (eddy) viscosity. The result of solution of the equation which is analogous to the Stokes simplification of equations of motion for creeping flow is the description of field of the stream function and of the axial and radial velocity components of mean flow in the whole charge. The results of modelling are compared with the experimental and theoretical data published by different authors, a good qualitative and quantitative agreement being stated. Advantage of the model proposed is a very simple schematization of the system volume necessary to introduce the boundary conditions (only the parts above the impeller plane of symmetry and below it are distinguished), the explicit character of the model with respect to the model parameters (model lucidity, low demands on the capacity of computer), and, in the end, the possibility to modify the given model by changing boundary conditions even for another agitating set-up with radially-axial character of flow.