Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1987, 52, 1857-1866

Synthesis of C-extended analogs of serum thymic factor

Martin Černýa, Evžen Kasafírekb, Jozef Rovenskýc and Jan Pekárekd

a Institute of Criminology, 110 01 Prague 1
b Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry, 130 60 Prague 3
c Research Institute of Rheumatic Diseases, 921 01 Piestany
d Research Institute of Sera and Vaccines, 130 00 Prague 3


New analogs of the serum thymic factor, (Phe-NH210)-FTS, (Gln1, Phe-NH210)-FTS, and (des Glp1, Phe-NH210)-FTS were synthesized. Their biological activities were evaluated in the recovery assay of T lymphocytes. The activity of (Phe-NH210)-FTS is comparable to the activity of FTS. Nonapeptide (des Glp1, Phe-NH210)-FTS shows the highest activity so far observed. Analog (Gln1, Phe-NH210)-FTS is an inhibitor.