Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1987, 52, 804-812

Occurrence of magnoflorine and corytuberine in some wild or cultivated plants of Czechoslovakia

Jiří Slavík, Jitka Bochořáková and Leonora Slavíková

Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, J. E. Purkyně University, 662 43 Brno


Magnoflorine was isolated for the first time from Adonis vernalis L., Clematis recta L., and Epimedium versicolor MORR., further also from Aquilegia sp., Caltha palustris L., Isopyrum thalictroides L., and Aristolochia clematitis L. It was detected in Adonis aestivalis L., Clematis vitalba L., Consolida regalis GRAY, and Helleborus viridis L. Corytuberine was isolated for the first time from Caltha palustris L. and detected in small amounts in Adonis vernalis, A. aestivalis, Aquilegia sp., Consolida regalis, Clematis recta, Eranthis hiemalis L., Helleborus foetidus L., H. niger L., H. viridis, Isopyrum thalictroides, and Aristolochia clematitis. From Consolida regalis a quaternary alkaloid (iodide C22H34NO2I) was isolated as the main component, probably of diterpenoid type. A small amount of coptisine was isolated from Isopyrum thalictroides and Aquilegia sp.