Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1987, 52, 686-695

Measurement and interpretation of infrared and raman spectra of vanadyl acetylacetonate

Blanka Vlčkováa, Bohuslav Strauchb and Milan Horákc

a Department of Physical Chemistry
b Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Charles University, 128 40 Prague 2
c The J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, 118 40 Prague 1


Infrared and Raman spectra of oxobis (2,4-pentandionate) vanadium complex have been studied. A reduction of the number of spectral bands observed in the IR and Raman spectra compared to the theoretical number of normal modes expected for a complex molecule is attributed to the isolation effect of the heavy central metal atom. A simplified model involving the skeleton of the complex and one coordinated ligand has been employed for an empirical interpretation of the vibrational spectra. An exact agreement between the number of modes predicted theoretically on the basis of the simplified model and the number of bands observed experimentally has been obtained.