Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 1985, 50, 600-610

Coulometric determination of hydroquinone, 4-aminophenol and methol with trivalent manganese fluoride complex

Jiří Barek, Antonín Berka and Dagmar Divoká

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Charles University, 128 40 Prague 2


The possibility of the coulometric generation of trivalent manganese in fluoride solutions was examined and the current efficiency was measured in dependence on the solution composition and current density. Direct coulometric titrations of reversibly oxidizable organic compounds were tested on hydroquinone, 4-aminophenol, and methol in milligram and microgram quantities. As a more convenient approach, a method of coulometric retitration of trivalent manganese fluoride complex with divalent iron was worked out and its limits were established. The applicability of the trivalent manganese-divalent iron dual system to the indirect determination of the above model organic substances was verified.